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How to withdraw money from your PayPal account in Nigeria as at 2019

Paypal is one of the world's most recognized payment processing platforms. If you are visiting this page for the first time, you probably are in need of receiving funds via PayPal in Nigeria or you've done your quick research on "How to withdraw Paypal funds in Nigeria" and you've been caught in the middle of nowhere. The question that is most asked about PayPal on google in Nigeria is "Does PayPal allow us to receive in Nigeria?, How to withdraw PayPal funds in Nigeria, Withdraw PayPal in Nigeria, How can I withdraw or receive money with Paypal in Nigeria, etc." You can search top forums like Nairaland, Quora and more to see you are not alone on this search

If you have opened PayPal in Nigeria and you're hoping to receive money. I'm sorry this is the message your sender will get

In this article, I'll explain and try to cover all you need to know about PayPal and how to receive PayPal funds in Nigeria.

I will also show you different ways to withdraw PayPal in Nigeria. I'll share my take on each method and the mistake I made that cost me $1,872.50 loss in 2016

I will show you the safest, quickest and most reliable way of receiving PayPal now in 2019. The method I have been using since 2017 that works to date. I'll also show you a sample of my recent withdrawal as proof.

If you stay with me to the end of this post I'll share the step by step guide with screenshots of how to receive and withdraw PayPal fund to your Nigerian Bank account without fear or being ban by PayPal

First, what is Paypal and why is it important to have a PayPal account in Nigeria?, especially the one that can withdraw cash directly to your Nigerian bank account.

Like I said earlier, it is one of the world's most recognized payment processing platforms that allows ease of online transactions.

You can call it an e-wallet but whatever you call it does not matter, what matters the most is that the large majority of foreign businesses, software, plugins, affiliates, and marketing platforms that are available on the internet space are only willing to pay commissions or allow users withdraw earnings through PayPal.

What this means is that those who wish to take advantage of ready-made platforms, affiliate system or digital tools most times can only receive payment via PayPal. Though there are new payment processors that are fast rising like Payoneer, I'll stick to why we are here [PAYPAL] because PayPal is the most recognized and some of these platforms requires other technicalities

You can start a business as a PayPal exchanger who trades PayPal at a favorable rate and make lot of money from this challenge of PayPal restriction  many face in Nigeria

Does Paypal Allow Withdrawal in Nigeria?

Paypal has limited functions in Nigeria, for example, users can only use their account to purchase goods and services online or make payments by linking their debit or credit card to PayPal or using the registered PayPal email to pay creditors. Unfortunately, Nigerian users are totally restricted from withdrawing or receiving funds into their Paypal wallet.

So what do I do to receive and withdraw PayPal in Nigeria?

You are left with various options to choose from but I'll tell you my best recommendation among others and how to go about it:

1. Look for a trusted family member/friend abroad (Someone in a Paypal Approved Country) to forward your PayPal earnings to by asking them to provide you with their PayPal registered email. When they receive your earnings they will withdraw by transferring to their bank account and then send it to your Nigerian bank account through Moneygram or Western Union Money Transfer.

The challenge with this is that you can not trust anyone added to the fact that account reconciliation will be a tedious exercise when you earn in small bits. If you don't have anyone to trust you can contact us to help you withdraw using our verified PayPal account

2. You can use one of the credible money exchangers who can buy and exchange your PayPal funds for an agreed sum transferred to your bank account in Naira. You can try or

We have heard many of our digital marketing friends and colleagues say they are reliable but we haven't tried them to be honest.

Another challenge with this method is that you must first have a PayPal account that can receive the funds into your wallet in addition to a fact that there is no guaranty of what happens to your funds if anything goes wrong. If you continue reading I'll show you how to receive to your account in a bit

3. The use of VPN or changing of IP Address. You can use Express VPN or IP  Vanish. Before going further with this. Please note that I don't recommend this method even though many say it now works. I was burnt some time in 2016 when I made as much as $1,872.50 from my foreign partners Godaddy to resell Hosting services and other online digital tools as seen on my digital marketing mart Only for me to get burnt by Paypal with this message

Paypal failed to refund my money as they blocked that account. Even though many are teaching about this method now and I know of two friends who currently use this method, I still would not recommend this method to anyone close to me because that was how I was promised that it was safe, it worked for a while then I got nabbed by PayPal. Perhaps, it could be a mistake from my part or PayPal team just debugging this bye pass method. The painful thing was how I watched my effort and earnings disappear right before my eyes

In my opinion, I'll rather not give my word for what I won't use. Note: This doesn't mean it doesn't work, as it has worked for many. Perhaps, the loopholes have been blocked and probably can work now

Here's the VPN Method

With the right VPN, it’s very simple to access PayPal abroad. Just follow the steps below: Begin by signing up for one of the VPNs listed below (we recommend ExpressVPN). Download and install the app, making sure to get the right version for your device. Connect to one of your VPN’s servers in your home country. Log in to PayPal. You should now be able to use the service as normal. If not, try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, then reload the page.

Now, I'm about to share with you the most trusted way to withdraw PayPal in Nigeria that has been working for me from 2017 to date. How to receive and withdraw PayPal to your Nigerian Bank account without VPN or IP address bull shit

To prove to you that this still works, below are screenshots of money received recently as about the time I made this post.

This step by step method I'm about to teach you with screenshot is rare to find on the internet and if you come across it, you will be charged a fee for at least N10,000 and another fee for you to learn how to withdraw at N360 per dollar which is above the central bank rate of N220 per dollar. It simply means you can start the PayPal exchange business getting both.

I will not just give you the ebook for N10,000 but will also give you the second ebook free (How to withdraw PayPal at a Beneficial rate which is also valued at N10,000). That is a Buy One, Get One Free

If you don't want or still doubt this method because it is free, please feel free to continue your search on the web for a solution. But if you want it Buy here

Click image to Buy Now

If you didn't get the download after purchasing kindly use the live chat, send mail at or whatsapp us on 08023782509

In conclusion,

All the above-listed methods have proven to work for many digital marketers but if you wish to get the step by step method of how your funds can be withdrawn to your Nigerian bank account with no need of VPN or changing of IP Address. A method you can use to log in from any phone or system in 5 minutes. Buy Now

If you have questions or other suggestions we'll appreciate if you share them in the comment section below

This post and experience is shared by the Lead Consultant and CEO, Princesage Online Branding


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