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Different Marketing wey fit help your business & how you fit take use them

As we say make we carry Digital Marketing reach street (Grass root), we no forget our oyinbo people dem dem wey they find our scatter scatter english hard to read. If you wan rush read this article for english, u go gats read this one or make you watch all the videos wey dey this article as you they read

If you enjoy this one wey we dey yarn you for pigdin English and go like make we dey do the video for pidgin, abeg type "Abeg give us video" for the live chat wey dey the bottom right of ya screen.

Oya!! Make we begin touch light the matter

Better marketing or advert no be about big big grammar, abi fine fine design, na say make e carry confirm tori and better call to action

%65 of marketing wey dey really jawo (Conversion) no be for the welcome tori, but for the close marking (follow up call).

Better marketing process na the one wey go make people sabi you, make them fit relate with you, make them padi with you, or give your brand correct respect among him competitors.

We get two ogbonge options wey dey for marketing, make we sharply torchlite, and recommend the one wey better pass for your business, and wey no go tear your pocket base on one or two logistics wey we don get with past clients them. The ogbonge two options na: Digital marketing and Retail marketing

1.Digital Marketing:

I notice sey whenever dem mention digital marketing this days, our mind na sey na only online things, abi social media, abi sey you must to get website, abi you must get internet. No be lie sey all this ones sef follow body, but Digital marketing pass wetin you think o. Edon even dey now for over 100 years, and all this times nothing like social media or internet don dey.

As the name take be, digital marketing na any kind marketing wey they use any form of digital application take pass message wey dey for ground

We get two types of digital marketing:  one na the Offline Marketing and the other na Online Marketing.

Both of this two types na better way to reach people and yield better conversion, but we go first torchlite the offline marketing 

a.Offline Marketing: This kind marketing sef get him own different types wey be conventional media placement, prints, and mobile marketing.

i.The Conventional media placement: this na the regular placements wey we dey see for TV, Radio, Newspapers, Bus branding, billboard etc 

This type  na for big big companies them with better budget even though them no go fit align the success like that

If your business na small or medium scale business,  no even think about billboards o, na laff dem go just laff you based on say e no sure sey you go get the value of your money back. Even them the big companies sef don wise up, na why we dey see too many vacant billboards for road again this days

But if you sey na conventional media placement you wan do, always remember sey na about 3 focused strategies to showcase your message because na only few seconds you get to win the attention of viewers, whether na brand awareness or brand engagement you wan get

These 3 strategies must to align with "Simple Brand/Selling message, Curiosity/Humour plus better Call to action"

When your advert don too carry plenty information put for the viewers dem face, dem no go see anything, so your advert must to find way reduce distraction.

Ogbonge Brands like GTBank, Samsung, and Airtel dey sabi play this game well well. 

Even though sey we sabi sey graphics and quality dey important to deliver better result, na conversion truly matter for ROI & unto say simplicity na em dey show profesionalism

ii. Prints:  This kind marketing wan resemble conventional media small, but na mainly small scale enterprises dey use am pass. (Make your placement simple well well and carry better call to action like (Call Now, Register now, Scan to Buy etc.)

Swipe to see why this banner ads will be effective


Example na fliers, banners, T-shirts etc. Even though sey print dey share the same strategy with conventional media, entrepreneurs and business experts must dey carefull when dem dey use this pattern.

Unlike the conventional media wey dey always use advertising media  or publishing firms take pass message, you fit do your prints yourself or even give graphics designer expert. (You fit call better person to helep run this package: 07081557995 or use Printivo)

Because of this, you must  to identify all the legal obligations, environment restrictions for brand t-shirts and fees wey you go need pay to regulatory bodies wey dey govern these activities. Example na- LASAA (Lagos State Signage & Advertising Agency), in case you go need make legal payment to fit use branded cars, signage, banner and posters. 

Better example, na one yawa wey gas with one of our client activation, “BLUDOT Xplorer” for Shoprite Mall Ikeja around that kind 2015, wey we pay fine of N25,000 because sey we break the  rules Shoprite set for activation, as we use branded T shirts take market for mall without proper authorization. #ShameTheyCatchUsHere. You better no go learn the hard way

iii.  Mobile Marketing: example of this type of marketing na: Personalized text, voice calls, USSD/short codes, IVR, Mobile app.

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Personalized Bulk SMS na jara to the normal Bulk SMS, where you fit personalize your message give plenty people wey waka come your store.

For example, you fit send personal appreciation message give plenty customers with just one button.

(Hi Bayo, we want to say a big thank you for purchasing XYZ, get 20% discount for your next purchase. We would love to see you again).

Abeg, make this one they English o except your customers na street

You fit give them awoof for your next purchase sef, this go even helep boost your business plus say, he go jawo. Use for this kind service.

Voice Calls: This na recorded voice message wey you fit send give multiple customers with just one button wey you still fit use your GSM number send.

Politicians for naija dey use this one well well, but make you no go dey send spam voice calls like wetin most network for naija dey do

You no go like waste money or go dey sound like mosquitoes for your customers ear.

You fit also call your customers for their birthday month, wish dem better month of celebration ahead and direct dem to your store for birthday present and better awoof.

You fit also use celebrity take make call give your customers, make them tell your customers how much dem love your products or love you. Na still you go use

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) /short codes:  this na Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication technology wey dem dey use send text between mobile phone and application program for ya network.

Applications fit be prepaid roaming or mobile chatting, example na GTbank banking code like #737 or short codes for voting/subscription like bbnaija, e fit also be popup messages like the message you they see when you check your account balance.


To get this kind application fit heavy small, so I go advise make you run dedicated shared server wey you fit do padi padi with another server user.

If you go like to use this kind of service abi you want make them help you set am up for your campaign, you fit call 08023782509 for more information.

Make Your ad message no pass one sentence with at least one call to action [like "Dial or Text (The Code)"] wey go explain the whole functions and features of the services wey this application dey render.

Make una no forget sey, to set this one up, you go need your dedicated USSD code. 

Check make them confirm your letter, when you don do this one, we fit help you with the set up. 

If you want sharp sharp or better money USSD Code, call us make we for fit raise you with one of our codes. 

Interactive Voice Response dey follow work like the USSD but as the name take be, this na voice response system and e go better to use am for just customer services instead of marketing.

Mobile Marketing            

Many of our customers that year like the Mobile applications well well no be small, especially the ones wey get internet shops

Plenty people believe sey mobile applications dey helep keep Internet shops/eCommerce customers or fit helep make customers loyal to your government, but based on logistics & experience, I sorry to yarn you say no be so he be for real life o. (You fit ask Konga & Jumia). 

 Researched conducted by

If you no dey create mobile application for one particular function wey go dey useful to customers like: loyalty reward app, video app, Ubber, games, traveling app etc. then this na uneccesary marketing engagement strategy. 

To Build mobile shopping app especially for we Naija people, na better waste of money because email marketingpush notificationssocial media marketing na better and cheaper tools wey you fit use convert customers pass mobile app wey person fit delete comot from him phone if e dey chop too much space for their phone.  

Image source: Sendmsg

All the wahala and money wey you take get am, maintain am and do adverts for this application, go be waste by the time customers delete the app from their phone.

No be like sey  this mobile app no good o for internet shopping business, if you must to create this kind of application, he must gat to carry major functions follow body wey go engage customers well well. Like loyalty reward app, make customers fit know sey your app dey designed to dey give weekly awoof or play games to win other better better gifts.
My point here be sey, If your company services app no dey solve generally problem like sey travelling app, map, edit app, news app etc. wey na only to sell your products, no go waste your money on top mobile applications.

b. Online Marketing: The online marketing get too many things wey resemble the normal retail marketing but this one na the one we dey run for internet and na him sure pass any other marketing, because you go fit checkmate and measure your result.

Your focus for here suppose be say, where my customers dem dey, how I wan take reach them, wetin dem like? How I go take interact/engage with them and how I fit take maintain better face for market

Dis na the many areas wey fit help you meet your goals online:

·Search engine optimization (SEO) &

.Search engine marketing (SEM)

·Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

.Content marketing

·Social Media Marketing (SMM)

·Email marketing

·Lead Generation

·Sales Funnel Creation

·Video marketing

·Building Phase: (Website design & Blog Creation, Social account Set up and integrations, automation tools, listening tools etc.)

·Affiliate marketing


We go take time discuss all these areas for other posts and videos, so make you subscribe to our blog an YouTube channel to be the first person to get full yarns about all this thing wey we mention for there.

2.Retail Marketing: we get two major kind Retail Marketing; Code Call and Referral Marketing

a.Code Call: This na the kind marketing wey you go introduce your product or services to new prospect (person wey you wan turn customer) wey never know your package abi get anything to do with you before.

We get ogbonge skills and strategies wey you fit use for code calling, wey we go they explain for our other videos, so no forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and blogs make you for no lost.

b.Referral Marketing: This  na the kind marketing wey you dey introduce your product or services to person wey another person or customer carry give you.

Specific skills and strategies sef dey for this kind marketing, we go discuss am for our other posts and videos. Oya Subscribe

 Meanwhile, this na the key cover areas wey you must reason when you dey apply Code call or Referral marketing:

i.Get your First Approach Strategy: Wetin be that unique first line you sabi use well well to begin yarn with person, Remember sey “Marketing dey more psychological than stereotyped

You must get a one particular first line wey you dey comfortable with and fit easily remember. Even though condition fit make you meet person anyhow wey fit make your approach be compliments, humour, coincidence etc.

You must always get that first line wey go give you moral to continue your yarns enter serious matter. This line must end in question format or lead to my next point (ii)

For example "My name na Omotosho Adebayo, I  dey work with Mutual Benefits Life Assurance, I dey sure sey you don hear of my company?.

ii.Begin Ask Better Questions: to ask  better questions na the salt to the soup wey go sell your product or even get promise, because this na the only effective way you fit take reason the needs and problems of your customer.


iii.Use Empathy & Acceptance: Accepting the feedback of your prospect na silent key strength to the yarn una dey gist, wey fit reduce any form of argument or misunderstanding.

E fit be say you dey take note of him answer, then you go come begin mention am before you start to make your point.

For example, you fit talk sey, If I hear you well, you been talk sey this and this and this na this, abi? 

Empathy for this matter na to respect the views and feelings of your prospect wey go make your sales tori or yarn dey more lively and open.

No matter how crazy you feel sey their opinion dey, make your product or services be another option for them to improve wetin dem don already get for ground 

For example, you fit say,

This na wonderful idea wey surely done deliver xyz results, but if we still look am this way, we suppose fit get better result or save money.

You fit come lay the strength and features of your package (product or services) take solve their problems

iv. Closing the sales conversation: This na the most important aspect, where your use of body language/swagger and confidence go come in. This na correct ingredient to better closing.

Before you start your sales tori, I sure sey you go done get goal for wetin you wan achieve after you na yarn finish. E fit be say na to sell something, or get promise with sure time, or close deal, or get referral or even reschedule for better convenient time and place to yarn

If you carry all this for mind, you go study the body language of the prospect based on all the big big questions wey him dey throw give you and how you dey take answer am.

If you get better response, no fear to ask how many them wan buy or when make you help them start their work

For example, Sir, I fit help you process this one now or make I connect you to  correct person wey fit help you run ham? Na small thing dey involved. 

But for where you get negative response, not forget to ask questions like where and why your customer still no dey clear or why him no they interested for your offer. No take ham personal o

E fit be sey your offer no good reach or you no come at the right time, or maybe money to pay never dey ground.

After you done establish him reason

Then you fit come apply further strategies based on your company plans to help close mark new customers or difficult ones like referral options, installment, trial or other zero commitments like sign ups to keep them for your hand

To end the tori,

No matter, the kind marketing wey you choose, make you always run the beginning with the end for mind

Define your goal, e fit be awareness, interaction, engagement or reputation management. Make your investment at least yield return on investment either in cash or kind.

Even though sey the online marketing na the latest form of marketing, we no fit ignore the retail marketing and other type of marketing. 

Make sure sey you set your goal to reach at least 2 people a day wey never hear wetin you wan offer before.  

To finish yarns, the success of every marketing no be to yarn people about wetin you wan give them but na to close mark them (Follow Up) till them become your customer


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