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7 things you didn’t know about marketing

Discovering your target market and Focusing on your strengths:  

In the bid to reach a larger customer base, most of us think our product or services are too generic to reach the general market. 

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But as a good entrepreneur, businessman or marketer, you should be able to streamline your target market based on relationship, business strength or increased needs. 

For example, you can either distribute drinks to the wholesale market or sell to retail market only, you can either choose to offer your photography services to a specific niche like wedding or interior photography

As a Lawyer, your legal services can either be majorly focused on insurance or real estate deals. You can either be a Digital marketer who offers services to B2B (Business to Business) or one who offers to B2C  (Business to Customers) only. 

You need to focus your strength in one area at a time.

Marketing is more psychological than stereotype: 

Even though, there are different principles behind every strategy in marketing, you must know that application is more psychological than stereotyped “What works for A might not work for B”

Identifying your market niche, their needs, languages, location and behaviour are the key wisdom to marketing.

Marketing is a game of numbers: The more the merrier. Whether offline or online marketing, the more visibility in numbers, the more possibilities to convert

Having a winner’s mentality (Sell yourself before you sell others): Understanding that people buy you before buying your product or service. If you cannot convince yourself, don’t bother convincing others

Marketers are problem solvers and not product explainers

The 21st Century customers want personal relationship with individuals than organizations & automation: 

In disseminating your message, make recipient feel a personal relationships even when using brand identity or automation

Every successful entrepreneur is a marketer >>Princesage

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