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What do you want people to say about your brand?

Here’s a quick exercise that we’ve done recently that gave us a clear insight of what we're building.

  1. Grab a sheet of paper, open a text document or mindmap, or go to a whiteboard.
  2. At the top write “What do I want people to say about my brand?”
  3. Spend ten to 15 minutes brainstorming answers to this question.
As you work on your answers think broadly about your brand. What do you want people to say about your service, style, your voice, the community and interaction with your brand, your approachability, etc.
Perhaps another way to ask the question is, “What words do you want people to use to describe my brand?”
Also pay attention to the feelings and emotions you want people to have while they’re on your blog, website and social sites. My suspicion is that feelings and emotions are a big part of a brand. Do you want people to feel:
  • a sense of belonging
  • content and happy
  • intellectually stimulated
  • that they’re not alone
  • informed
  • …or something else?

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