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How to move your brand around the world (Free)

In branding your product and service online, one must take note of the following:
  • Awareness: Create publicity
  • Interaction: How well you interact with your customer and audience
  • Engagement: What do you to keep customer or maintain loyal viewers
  • Reputation Management: The online market is saturated and there could be a challenge of maintaining a good name for your brand. What are your strategies to maintaining a good name for your brand in Nigerian market or markets around the world

We would start our lecture/study on creating awareness for your brand, focusing on the Nigerian market. In marketing it is only wise for a business owner to center focus on "who are my target markets and what are their interest?". Before you create an awareness plan, you would first need to create a location of where your awareness will focus on;(An address without a house, domain or location is just a wish statement). So we would be discussing on how to create free, easy templates, blogs or websites as the case may be.
We will start our lectures on creating a blog using WordPress or blogger on this day Sunday 23 Feb 2013. You can sign up to our news letter by scrolling to the bottom of this site and insert email to get updates of this lectures free

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